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Register at Fairway Management Website, so that we are able to accommodate you.

See the directions below.


Go to Fairway website at to set up your login. 

Click the homeowner portal/pay assessments. You will see the instructions on this page.

Click sign in on top right, then create an account.

You will need to spell out any street address – like Street, Road or Court (just not Blvd). 

Once confirmed, you will get an approval in your email (check your junk folder) which will

prompt you to set up a password.

Click on “Register an Additional Property” and follow the same instructions above.

Property Managers Fairway Management


after hour emergency 321-690 3501

If you need to contact the board for any situations not handled by Fairway please

send an email to:



Paradise Lawns and Landscaping

Please note

Paradise has a schedule to when and what

services they provide for Deer Lakes. This information is available at the Fairway website.

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