May 4th 2022 Update

Speeding Abatement

  At the last meeting of the board of directors, we continued a discussion regarding installation of speeding abatement measures in Deer Lakes.  There will be a process of evaluation that we must go through before any measures are deployed.  The most reasonable measure we can take as members of our community is to simply slow down.  Our posted speed limit throughout Deer lakes is 20 MPH.  A little extra caution while traveling through the neighborhood can go a long way to avoiding accidents.  Please try to be considerate of everyone living in Deer Lakes when keeping your speed at or below the posted limit.

Deer Lakes Hearing Committee

  The board of directors has established a Hearing Committee per Article VI, Section 2 ( c ) of the Deer Lakes governing documents. This committee is being put in place to help the community. It is a group appointed with no affiliation to the Board of Directors. The intentions of the committee are:

Keep the property values up by enforcing the covenants

Keep the legal fees down by enforcing the covenants with a fine, when needed, as opposed to using legal fees

Have homeowners heard by an impartial committee, outside the board, for determination as to validity of a violation, and recourse, per the governing documents.

Volunteers Needed

 The board is seeking volunteers to serve on the new Hearing Committee.  Volunteers will need to be available as hearing dates arise.  The current schedule for hearings will coincide with monthly meetings of the board of directors.  You do not need to be available for every hearing, but be willing to serve if called upon.  If you are interested in helping with various hearings throughout the year please contact us with your interest. 

Wickham Road Traffic Signal

  The intersection has recently been marked for underground utilities which is a clear sign that things will be commencing shortly. Of course, if anything changes we will do our best to keep you up to date.


Restroom Facilities at the Pool House

  The restrooms have certainly outlived their useful life span and the board has a contractor lined up to begin the renovation project.  It is our commitment to make certain that the project proceeds with as little disruption to your enjoyment of the pool facilities as possible.


Playground Replacement

  This project is due to begin any day now as we are awaiting our scheduled date to receive concrete for the project.  Upon completion of the installation of the new equipment and shade structure, the Social Committee has a ribbon cutting event with ice cream already planned so we can set the kids free to play while also enjoying some ice cream with friends.

Best Regards,

Deer Lakes Board of Directors