Deer Lakes Owners’ Association

December 9, 2020

From the Board of Directors, Deer Lakes


Deer Lakes Residents


The Board would like to take a moment to communicate updates and some friendly reminders.


Please remember to clean up after your pet.  We have had a number of complaints of dog droppings on the sidewalks and yards. 

Volunteer Opportunities-  Use the contact form to volunteer

The association is currently looking for people interested in the following:


This year, we will be working on the request for proposal for landscaping services

Communications Committee


If you enjoy the IT/Tech world, perhaps you would like to join this committee. We are in need of folks interested in updating and/or improving our website. 

Flag Monitor

As you know, we have a Flag pole at the entrance gates.  Periodically, there are notices that set the status of the flag, as to whether it is at Full or Half Staff.  We are looking for Patriotic volunteers that would be willing to organize a group of folks willing to monitor this requirement and raise or lower the flag accordingly.

Other reminders




This topic seems to come up quite a bit, and while we all understand the limits here in Deer Lakes, and that we all at one time or another have visitors, we do have covenants that spell out the expectations. In many instances, parking on the streets creates a situation where there is a hazard.  Whether it is too close to an intersection, around a curve, etc., or restricting the exiting of a vehicle from a driveway.  Parking over the sidewalks also creates a hazard, sometimes forcing people to walk out onto the street.  This in itself can be a dangerous situation.  



During the morning and evening, we have our gates set to remain open due to travel in and out of the community.  This reduces wear on the gate actuators due to the increase in traffic going to and from work, school, etc.  However, the gate has been an area where there has been excessive speeding. Additionally, the new gate system has a safety feature that will stop the gate when it senses an obstruction, but reacts a bit slow.  If the gate is closing it will not stop in time for a speeding vehicle.  The gate area is probably the least visible area in our community. Now that school is open, children are in the area waiting for the bus. Please slow to a prudent speed that allows for a quick stop if needed.

Trash Cans, bulk items on curb, etc.


Per our covenants, Trash cans should remain out of sight when not out for collection.  Bulk trash is to be out no earlier than Monday for a Tuesday pickup.  Any large amounts of yard waste must be coordinated with Brevard Waste collection.


Signs.  As a reminder, the only signs permitted inside the community are “For Rent” or “For Sale”.  All other signage, whether on individual lots, vehicles, etc. are not permitted.




Please keep an eye on the website for upcoming events.  The next scheduled event is the Community Garage sale.  October 24  Sat. 8am-2pm



Our new website is up and running, and in constant improvement.  We aim to have all information on this site, and would like all owners and residents to utilize the site for information and contact.  All Board meetings and other informational notices such as this will be noticed here.


Deer Lakes Board of Directors

Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our management company at

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