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Deer Lakes Friends and Neighbors:
Welcome to Melbourne and this beautiful weather. Summer and warmer weather is on the way. The Board has been busy getting the summer ready for the community.

First – be sure and enjoy the pool. The leaks have been repaired and the new chairs delivered. New fans were
installed a couple of months ago and the restrooms remodeled. The pool is a great place to meet neighbors and make new friends. If you are planning a party at the pool please notify Fairway, our management company prior to your event.

The speed limit in the community is 20mph. Please do not go over the limit. We have children and adults
crossing the streets. Let’s keep everyone safe.

The front gate is now fully functional. The new Gate Box has been installed. The community received an e-mail a
few days ago with instructions. Your clicker will work so you do not need a new one. If you punch in a code, just
use # and the first 4 numbers and not all 6. Example: #1234. Contact Fairway if you have any difficulty.

Please park your cars in your garage or driveway. Street parking is not allowed at night. No parking on the grass
or across sidewalks. If you park on the sidewalk children and adults are forced to walk in the street. This is a County regulation.

There is a pipe that runs under Dear Lakes Drive that connects the preserve and the lake closest to the
playground and pool. The pipe was recently cleared. This pipe helps to keep the water level even. Recently there was an issue recently with the water level too high behind a few houses on Deer Lakes Drive. Thank you, Carl and Judy for bringing this issue to our attention,  we will continue to work on this until it is functioning properly.

Please take the time to read the by-laws and covenants. These documents are in dire need of updating. We now
have a very capable volunteer committee working on the updates. This has been a priority of mine for the past four years. After completion, we will need the support of the homeowners for approval. Stay tuned for updates.

The Board meetings  are held the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm at Joe’s Club on Wickham Road.
Homeowners are welcome to come. Please keep in mind this is a Board Meeting and not a membership meeting. If you have a question or need to make a comment, please sign in. You will be called on, and allotted 3 minutes to speak. Mary will contact you with your answers. Remember, during the meeting, please refrain from talking, as the board had to work on the business of the community and it is vital that we are able to complete our tasks. 

I have served on the Board for the last four years. This is my first opportunity to serve as President. I am finding the position both challenging, and a rewarding learning experience.

Thank you for this opportunity 

If you need to contact the board the email address is


Jackie Kellner

Important Dates:

  • The fourth Tuesday of the month is always our board meeting. The agenda will be posted online and at the pool. We now start at 6 p.m.

  • April 8th - Deer Lakes Easter Egg Hunt - 10AM at the community pool. Bring your Easter baskets.

  • April 20 -Please be advised that the Association will be conducting its twice per year, full inspection of the Deer Lakes neighborhood to ensure all homes, roofs, sidewalks, and driveways are free of rust, mildew, dirt, mold and stains.

  • April 22. 8am-2pm- Community Garage Sale

  • May/June -The association has ordered six new pool chairs. These should be stronger and last longer. We will continue to budget for more as well.

  • July/August - Traffic Light should be completed.

  •  August - our subscription to Zoom is over and we will be returning to in person meetings.

Please note:  We have been contacted by multiple neighbors regarding the increase of speeding in Deer Lakes.  The speed limit is 20MPH.  If you see a speeder, please try to alert them to slow down, if you can, take a picture of their car and we will contact them. 

********************Children are playing and live here********************

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