July 5th, 2022 Update


Speeding Abatement

  The results of the speeding abatement survey were presented at the June meeting of the board of directors.  While we don’t believe we heard from a large enough sampling of the community to make any definitive changes, the responses we did get indicated that the board should remain committed to continuing to pursue options to slow down traffic in Deer Lakes.  We chose to table our research for now until we determine a budget for the next fiscal year to see if some of the methods we could employee will be affordable.

Wickham Road Traffic Signal

  The traffic signal project is now underway.  Please note, this project will take 6-12 month to complete and become operational.  The project involves site work for the intersection traveling in each direction.  We will keep the community updated as any new information becomes available. 


Playground Replacement

  The playground project is nearly complete with only some final landscaping of the site remaining to be finished in the coming days. The playground is open and it is great seeing the children of Deer Lakes enjoying the new play structure which we hope will create many fond memories of growing up in our community.  Thanks again to all the people who work diligently behind the scenes to see this project completed!


Violation Hearing Committee

  The board ratified procedures and guidelines for the new hearing committee that has been introduced over the last few months.  This process is intended to uphold the integrity of the Deer Lakes Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions which every home owner has agreed to when purchasing a home in Deer Lakes.  These new procedures go into effect with the July inspection of the community.  There are a few key updates to the timing and procedure for violations that you should be aware of.


  1. There will no longer be multiple violation notices sent to each home.  When a violation has been determined from the monthly neighborhood inspection, a notice will be sent to the home owner with 30 days to respond with proof of a cure or a verifiable plan to cure each noted violation.

  2. It is the home owner’s responsibility to communicate with Fairway Management regarding violation cure or plans to cure within the 30 days afforded from the notification date.  If no cure has been offered in the 30 days, the violation will be submitted to the board for consideration of a hearing before the hearing committee.

  3. This violation and hearing process could result in a fine being levied by the board and assessed following a hearing before the Hearing Committee.  Maximum fine values are defined in the Deer Lakes Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions.  This has been in place since the inception of Deer Lakes and there have been no changes made to the Covenants in the process of setting up the Hearing Committee.




Best Regards,

Deer Lakes Board of Directors