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Deer Lakes friends and neighbors 


May 8, 2024



Due to the many complaints from residents regarding the congestion at the exit gate, the association has spoken with the Brevard County Sheriff.  This conversation has resulted in a commitment from BCSO to increase patrols at our community gate during bus loading. We are hopeful that this will help reduce the risk of injury to residents, students, and property.  We ask all to refrain from parking on the street near the exit gate and park at the pool if you must go to pick up your students.

We have also received complaints of motorists driving past the school buses while the red lights are on and students are exiting or entering the bus.  This is illegal in Florida, and as of January 1, 2021, the fines for such have doubled. This was also discussed with BCSO, and they will be patrolling the area for this.  We are also working on discussing with the Brevard  County Schools transportation division a possibility of moving the stop to an area more conducive to safety.

2. Architectural Review Committee Requests


Improvements and many times repairs to your property require an approval from the ARC. This is a simple process and can be completed with the form on this website and forwarded to the committee through Omega Management.  Failure to complete this process PRIOR to any work may result in a violation and possible fine. Please take the time to place requests in advance of any work. Reminder. The Pre-Approval Process for Paint and Roofing is no longer in effect. We hope to have that back in place soon. Until then ALL requests for Paint and Proofing must be submitted to the committee. 

3. Communication


Our community liaisons along with other volunteers have gone around requesting communication preferences.  Many residents provided email addresses.  We ask that if you have not yet done so, send your email to Omega Management through the contact form on this site under the "contact us" tab and we will add you to the email communication list.



Deer Lakes Board of Directors

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