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Deer LakesOur new gate box has been installed and working 

Going forward, all owner pin codes will now be FOUR digits and require # before the numbers.  If your previous pin code had more than 4 digits (some had or 6 or 8), going forward, your new pin will be the # FIRST FOUR digits of your pin.

As an example, if your pin was 12345678, it will now be #1234).  

Any questions or concerns, please contact Mary at Fairway Management ( or (321 777 7575).





Go to Fairway website at to set up your login. 

Click the homeowner portal/pay assessments. You will see the instructions on this page.

Click sign in on top right, then create an account.

You will need to spell out any street address – like Street, Road or Court (just not Blvd). 

Once confirmed, you will get an approval in your email (check your junk folder) which will prompt you to set up a password.

Click on “Register an Additional Property” and follow the same instructions above.


Listed below is information available to all owners in the Homeowners Portal.

In addition, you will have access to the monthly calendar, any violations to your home

with pictures, and status of your homeowners fees 

  • Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&Rs)

  • Amendment 4 

  • Amendment 5 (Lease and Roofing)

  • By Laws

  • 2022 Budget

  • 2021 Budget

  • Financial Review 2019

  • Financial Review 2020

  • 2022 Reserve Study

  • Minutes - available after the Board votes to accept them, about 5 weeks after the meeting date.

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