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Application & Guidelines


Only one request per form.  Please do not use the form to request multiple actions such as to paint the home and add a screen room.  That would constitute 2 requests.

For requests for additions to property such as adding a screen room, patio, etc, please attach a sketch of the property on your plot plan located on the BCPAO website. This makes it much easier for the committee to see what your plan entails.  Lack of sketches, when needed can result in a return of your request for further information.

Deadline for submission is the second Wednesday of each month. Committee meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  All submissions must be delivered to Fairway Management for recording.

Please review the approved paint color or roofing color list which Fairway Management can approve immediately. Any other selection must be requested via the ARC request form and the committee will have to review for approval.


Reference for paint colors from the covenants:

All paint used on the exterior body of any residence shall be subdued in its tone. Colors should be selected in earth-tones to harmonize with the natural environment of the Subdivision and should be neutral, soft and unobtrusive, not loud or bright. No more than one paint color may be used for the body of each residence and no more than two accent trim colors. Paint colors shall be submitted for approval prior to being applied on any residence.

Disclaimer    All ARC forms must be submitted directly to Fairway Management.  Do not submit any request to individual
members of the ARC or Board of Directors. 

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