When painting your home you must use a color that has been approved by the Architectural Review Committee.  HOA Covenants require the use of "earth colors" for all homes.  The swatch book is at any Sherwin Williams store and at the Fairway offices. Any brand paint can be used as long as it matches one of the approved colors.  All exterior painting must be approved ​by the ARC committee.  The form is available for download in "Forms/Rules tab.

Reference for paint colors from the covenants: All paint used on the exterior body of any residence shall be subdued in its tone. Colors should be selected in earth-tones to harmonize with the natural environment of the Subdivision and should be neutral, soft and unobtrusive, not loud or bright. No more than one paint color may be used for the body of each residence and no more than two accent trim colors. Paint colors shall be submitted for approval prior to being applied on
any residence.

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